July 1, 2021

Data quality for Numismatics based on Natural language processing and Neural Networks – D4N4

The BBAW, the Berlin Münzkabinett, and the Big Data Lab of the University of Frankfurt a. M. can continue their cooperation in the field of ancient Greek coinage and the application of digital methodologies for data collection and coin research.

As part of the
"e-Research Technologies" funding programme, the DFG has approved the
project "Data Quality for Numismatics Based on Natural Language Processing
and Neural Networks - D4N4" initially for 18 months and, if the
initial results are convincing, with the option of a further one and a half
years, which now will start on 1 July 2021.

The aim is to implement research tools for numismatics
that are also suitable for other subjects that make use of images and/or
writing and are available in large quantities. This involves methods of a)
natural language processing (NLP) for multilingual and non-uniform coin
descriptions and their combination with a hierarchical iconographic thesaurus, as
well as b) image recognition of individual elements and overall compositions
using deep learning, a component of artificial intelligence (AI).

Author: Ulrike Peter