Workshop "Data Quality for Numismatics based on Natural Language Processing and Neural Networks – D4N⁴” 29.-30.11.2023

participants workshop

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Welcome and Introductiony

NLP for Semantic Search | Data Quality

  • Karsten Tolle (Frankfurt/M.): NLP for Semantic Search and Data Quality at Corpus Nummorum download presentation

Image Recognition

  • Sebastian Gampe (Frankfurt/M.): Image Recognition with CNNs at Corpus Nummorum download presentation
  • Martin Langner (Göttingen): Computational Image Analysis in Classical Archaeology
  • Ralph Ewerth (Hannover): Visual Analytics and Image Recognition: the Project iART
  • Mario Schlapke (Weimar): Questions and Approaches to the Classification of Heavily Barbarized so-called Gaius-Lucius-Denarii on the Basis of Finds from Thuringia

Transfer and Linking

  • Jan Köster / Claus Franke (Berlin): Versioning System at Corpus Nummorum and its API download presentation
  • Alejandro Peña (Valencia): Visualization and Services (Shared Tools)

User Perspectives and Experiences

  • Hristina Ivanova (Zürich): Using Corpus Nummorum in Research download presentation
  • Lily Grozdanova / Julia Tzvetkova (Sofia): Using Corpus Nummorum with Students download presentation
  • Bartosz Awianowicz (Torun): Private collections in Corpus Nummorum and Corpus Nummorum from a private collector's perspective download presentation
  • Florian Haymann (Frankfurt/M.): Corpus Nummorum and its Use for Coin Trade

Undefined, Vague, Uncertain

Networking and Collaboration

  • Andrew Meadows (Oxford): CN in the Cosmos of Nomisma and ARCH
  • Ulrike Peter / Vladimir F. Stolba (Berlin): Problems with “Duplicates”? download presentation
  • Michael Herrmann / Frank Dührkohp (Göttingen): The Integration of Numismatic Data into Research Data Infrastructures
  • David Wigg-Wolf (Frankfurt/M.): Different Data Quality in Linked Data Sources
  • Bernhard Weisser et al. (Berlin): NFDI4objects und die Numismatik download presentation