Open Source Tools

All software within the CN project is open source.


The editor is a modular tool for recording, researching and the analysis of ancient coins. It can easily be adapted to other object types which have images and inscriptions und are available in large numbers.

The training videos for CN Editor can be downloaded here. Currently, the following topics are covered in the training courses:
The user interface
Creation of data sets
Importing coin data from other collections
Image editing functions

Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Image Recognition (IR)

The two following links make some steps of our progress in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) applied to the coins of the Corpus Nummorum (CN) project accessible. These are our Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Image Recognition (IR) approaches. We provide them in form of Colab notebooks on the GitHub platform. An instruction for the use of both notebooks is attached. Only a modern browser is required to run the notebooks. Previous knowledge in the field of AI is not needed. The “Open in Colab” button on the GitHub page leads directly to the notebooks.
With the NLP Notebook, the recognition of entities such as "Apollon" can be tested on individual coin descriptions from the CN database or on your own descriptions:

The NLP Notebook can be used to test the recognition of individual entities such as "Apollo" on individual coin descriptions from the CN database or your own descriptions:

The IR Notebook is used to identify CN types or mints based on coin images. Examples or self-selected images from the CN collection can be tested here: