25. February 2016

Successful Students Colloquium on Thracian Coinage

On February 13th in the Gobelinsaal of the Bode-Museum our students colloquium on the coinages of Thrace took place. The visitors had also the chance to visit our exhibition 'Thrakien 3.0. Münzprägung im Land des Orpheus'.

This winter term there has been a course on Thracian coinage at the Humboldt University of Berlin flanking our exhibition 'Thrakien 3.0. Münzprägung im Land des Orpheus ' and also the whole CNT project. For this reason students of the seminar and the team of CNT as well as of the Berlin Münzkabinett presented short talks on the coinages of Thracian cities, general overviews of minting periods in Thrace and on the topic of coinage and identity. The event was also part of the TOPOI series 'TOPOI im Museum'. Following the link you will find a short abstract of the event.

Author: Angela Berthold