16. November 2014

Announcement of the Exhibition: Thrace 3.0. Coinage in the Land of Orpheus

From the 15th October 2015 to the 30th March 2016 there will be an exhibition in the Berlin Bode-Museum on the coinage of Thrace. We invite you to visit the exhibition and see lots of interesting coins from this cultural region.

The ancient area of Thrace, which comprises the modern states of Bulgaria, Greece and the European part of Turkey, is characterised by a varied landscape, an eventful history and a manifold coinage. A research project on ancient Thracian coins in the holdings of the Berlin Münzkabinett and the development of a web portal on Thracian coins from several collections together with the Berlin-Brandenburgische Akademie der Wissenschaften gives occassion for this exhibition in the Bode-Museum. Exhibition and Portal will present Thracian coins from the Archaic to the Roman Imperial Period issued by Greek colonies, Thracian tribes, local rulers and Roman provincial administrators.

Author: Angela Berthold