01. November 2014


CNT proudly announces the importing of another 520 Thracian coins of the Münzkabinett Berlin in the web portal. A few more coins from Thracian mints from the belongings of the Münzkabinett are thus visible in CNT, for example Serdika. Here you will find more informations on Serdika.

Today’s capital of Bulgaria, Sofia, is located at the place of the ancient city Serdika. The Thracian tribe of the Serdes settled here in the North-West of the Thracian area. Coins were minted mainly in Roman times, when the city was of importance because of its position on the military road from Rome to Byzantium. Coins were minted from Marcus Aurelius to Gallienus only in bronze and only sporadically. The themes on the reverses of the Roman coins show the usual range of gods, especially those connected to Thrace like Asklepios, his family and attributes. Sometimes also the emperor or buildings of the city are depicted. Our picture here shows an unfortunately badly preserved coin from the Berlin Coin cabinet with a nice, picturesque version of the sitting goddess Athena.

Author: Angela Berthold