March 7-8, 2024

Corpus Nummorum and AI

CN was presented at an international conference of the Biblissima+ project.

Biblissima+ is structured around 7 areas of expertise or « clusters » organized according to the data life cycle. Cluster 3 “Artificial Intelligence for pattern and handwriting recognition”, coordinated by Dominique Stutzmann (directeur de recherche, IRHT - CNRS) and Daniel Stökl Ben Ezra (directeur d'études, EPHE-PSL, AOROC UMR 8546), focuses on the use of artificial intelligence for the recognition of forms, characters, and handwriting, enabling the study of ancient handwritten and printed books, sigillography, numismatics, and heraldry.
At the conference biblissim-ia-2024 | Artificial intelligence for pattern and handwriting recognition: Annual days of the cluster 3 of the EquipEx Biblissima+ in Aubervilliers (France) our presentation "Classification of Ancient Greek Coins - Challenges Using AI methods" aimed at presenting CN with a special focus on the current efforts in Image Recognition and Natural Language Processing.

Author: Ulrike Peter