January 2024

Great News

1) The 'Coin of the Month' for January 2024 is presented for the first time by a colleague and collector, Bartosz Awianowicz. 2) Our Bulgarian colleagues received an award for organizing the 1st Bulgarian Numismatic School, in which we also participated. 3) The second issue of the first volume of the new online "Bulgarian Numismatic Journal" was published on time at the end of 2023.

1) We are very pleased that our esteemed colleague, Professor Dr. Bartosz Awianowicz from Torun, has agreed to participate in the selection and presentation of the 'Coin of the Month' ( He has chosen an interesting coin from his own collection. He is gradually uploading coins from his collection to our portal. We would be delighted if all collectors would do the same, as this will enrich the database for everyone, making the coins and all associated information available for research. We also invite everyone to select a coin as a ‘Coin of the Month’ and send us a brief text for publication on the website.

2) The Sofia Numismatic School ( is awarded a special prize for high quality of innovative achievements by St. Kliment Ohridksi University, Sofia. We take great pride in this accomplishment of our Bulgarian colleagues. It is the first Numismatic School in Bulgaria and it was very welcomed not only by students from various countries but also by our Bulgarian colleagues in local and regional museums.

3) Our Bulgarian colleagues have also launched the 'Bulgarian Numismatic Journal' (BulgNJ, ISSN 2815-4827). It is an open-access peer-reviewed edition. The homepage states: “It is the first e-journal for numismatics in Bulgaria and the neighbouring region, offering exclusive online content to its authors and readers.”  The second issue of the first volume was published shortly before the end of the year ( We warmly recommend taking a look at these interesting articles, which are available on a very intuitive and user-friendly website.

Author: Ulrike Peter