July 2023

Corpus Nummorum integrated into

Now all published coin types of the CN portal are directly accessible also via the website.

We sincerely thank Ethan Gruber, the ANS data director, for making this possible. For the conversion of our data to rdf and the mapping to the nomisma ontology we are indebted to Karsten Tolle.
Under the titel “Enhancing Research Context within” Ethan underlinded that “Much like the recent integration of IRIS types into the LOD ecosytem, the upload of more than 11,000 coin types and 28,000 specimens from Corpus Nummorum fills in a sizeable gap in the context pertaining to individual Nomisma concepts related to the coinage of Thrace and the surrounding regions of Moesia Inferior, as well as Troas and Mysia in Anatolia.”
Through data integration, one problem has also become visible again: Using our collection of plaster casts, we have assigned CN-object URIs to coins from museums which do not yet have their own collection URIs. The canonical URI for a coin should be published by the holding institution rather than independent research datasets. Ethan suggests that collections also incorporate CN URIs into their own databases. The links should be at all levels and in all directions, so that everything is unique and traceable. Duplications should be marked accordingly.

Author: Ulrike Peter


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