4 days – 4 cities – 4 museums

We are very grateful for the opportunity to gain insight into the coin collections of four major museums in Switzerland.

The trip to Switzerland (see News, with significant financial support from the Circulus Numismaticus Basiliensis and the Freie Vereinigung Zürcher Numismatiker, made it possible to visit the coin collections of the city of Winterthur, the Swiss National Museum in Zurich, the Historical Museum in Basel and the Historical Museum Bern.
I would like to thank the directors Benedikt Zäch (Winterthur), Christian Weiss (Zurich), Andrea Casoli (Basel) and Daniel Schmutz (Bern) who made my stay so fruitful and comfortable. I am also indebted to Rahel Ackermann, head of the Inventory of Swiss Coin Finds at the Swiss Academy of Humanities and Social Sciences, who not only initiated the invitation and established contacts, but also showed me her work and working place in Bern.

Author: Ulrike Peter