December 2022

Coin Treasures of Western Turkey. Part I

The CN-team explores the numismatic collection of the Kırklareli Museum.

The Museum of Kırklareli numbers among the top-four numismatic collections of Western Turkey. Despite this fact, only recently a portion of its ancient coins minted in Thrace and Moesia became known to a wider audience (Arslan, Peter & Stolba 2021). In the course of a trip through the museums of European Turkey, the CN-team has studied the old and new acquisitions that remained unpublished. The work in the Museum would hardly be such a success without the kindness of the Museum’s director, Süheyla Murat, and exceptional hospitality and comprehensive assistance of the Museum’s curator, Nevin Özdemir, whom we thank on this occasion very warmly.

Author: Ulrike Peter & Vladimir Stolba