11-16 September 2022

XVI International Numismatic Congress

The International Numismatic Congress, which takes place once every six years, will be, for the first time, held in Warsaw. Almost the entire CN team will be on site presenting the portal and own research.

On Monday morning, U. Peter, K. Tolle and B. Weisser will take part in the round table discussion at "NUMISMATICS IN A DIGITAL WORLD". In the afternoon, the session "GREEK COIN ICONOGRAPHY IN THE DIGITAL ERA" organised by U. Peter and F. Duyrat will take place where U. Peter and V. Stolba will give a paper "Iconographic Ambiguities in Greek Coinage: The Corpus Nummorum and the So-Called Torches of Byzantion". On Tuesday, the session "ANCIENT THRACE - A REGION OF COINAGE DIVERSITY", organised by our Bulgarian colleague Lily Grozdanova, will take place. The Corpus Nummorum will also feature in the papers by A. Berthold ("Pre-Roman Bronze Coinage of the Settlements on the Thracian Chersonese"), V. Stolba/U. Peter (“Adaios and his Coinage Revisited”) and L. Grozdanova/H. Ivanova-Anaplioti ("Digital Numismatics from the User Perspective"), as well as in other contributions to the session. This also applies to the presentations in the “THRACE” session on Wednesday. On Thursday, J. Köster will take part in the "ANCIENT COINS COUNTERFEITS" round table where he will present the CN-Editor. Finally, on Friday, B. Weisser/A. Gorys will speak about "Mysian mints" in the "ASIA MINOR 1" session. For the afternoon, we recommend the paper by J. Hourmouziadis entitled "Flan Fabrication and Minting Preparation for Copper Alloy Coins in Antiquity".
We look forward to meeting all attendees, as well as to an interesting discussion!
We also recommend, of course, to make yourself familiar with our poster "Corpus Nummorum - A Digital Research Infrastructure for Ancient Coins", to the creation of which also Sebastian Gampe and Claus Franke have contributed.

Author: Ulrike Peter