24 March 2022

New dissertation on Apollonia Pontike

We congratulate our colleague Hristina Ivanova-Anaplioti very warmly on the successful disputatio of her doctoral thesis on the coinage of Apollonia Pontike at the Humboldt University of Berlin.

The topic of Mrs. Ivanova-Anaplioti's dissertation, "The Coinage of Apollonia Pontike. The Pictorial Themes of a Greek Polis in the Pontic-Thracian Area", grew out of her many years of work for the Corpus Nummorum. For this work, she was able to compile over 4,250 coins, which formed a solid foundation for her die study. This rich material and the typology built on it will now be integrated into the CN. The comprehensive treatment of the coinage of Apollonia Pontike will be published as a monograph.

Author: Ulrike Peter