22 October 2021

1. Heinrich Dressel lecture

organized by "Corpus Inscriptionum Latinarum" and "Corpus Nummorum". We invite you to a lecture by Prof. Dr. Stefan Rebenich (Bern) entitled “<Ich habe versucht alle meine Kräfte daranzusetzen>. Heinrich Dressel und der Großbetrieb der Altertumswissenschaften an der Berliner Akademie”.

Dressel has made a significant contribution to the systematic indexing of the small inscriptions, the so-called little epigraphy. In 1898 he became director of the Greco-Roman Department of the Berlin Coin Cabinet and in 1902 a member of the Academy. Dressel's vita will serve as an example of the possibilities and limits of academic activity in the large-scale classical studies around 1900.

Author: Ulrike Peter