September 21st-25th 2021

The 9th Joint Meeting of ECFN and in Viminacium, Serbia

Originally planned for April 2020, the annual meeting of the European Coin Find Networks and had to be postponed because of the Coronavirus. Now, it will take place as a hybrid event.

The conference has been primarily organized by the Archaeological Institute in Belgrade, Serbia, which invites participants to a historical meeting place: ancient Viminacium, the governor’s seat in Moesia Superior. As always, many of our colleagues from both Europe and the United States will attend the meeting to exchange ideas about ancient coin finds and developments in the field of digital numismatics. Corpus Nummorum will also be present. Karsten Tolle and Ulrike Peter will present one of the goals of the new phase of our project, as well as the steps that have been taken thus far to achieve it. The title of the presentation is “Corpus Nummorum and an Iconographic Thesaurus for Ancient Coins.” The colleagues of our partner project from Sofia "Measuring Ancient Thrace" will present a poster.

Author: Ulrike Peter