27 February 2020

Upcoming presentation in the Berlin Numismatic Society

On February 27, 2020, Vladimir Stolba and Ulrike Peter will give a talk on typology of Abydos’ autonomous and Roman provincial coinage in a broader context of the Troad and adjacent regions.

The topic of the talk will be “Abydos: Civic Coin Typology in a Broader Regional Context. The case of Artemis”. Drawing on numismatic data and resources of the Corpus Nummorum portal, it will explore the change and continuity in the cult of Artemis in the Troad and its neighbouring regions of Mysia and Thrace, as expressed in both the chronological and geographical distribution of the evidence, as well as in its typological variation. The presentation will take place at 6 pm in the premises of the Berlin Coin Collection at Bodemuseum.

Author: Ulrike Peter