29 February 2020

RaLATh – New Call for Papers and Posters

The Fourth International Conference “Roman and Late Antique Thrace” (RaLATh) will take place in Burgas, Bulgaria from 12–16 October 2020. The topic is “Conflicts and Catastrophes in Roman and Late Antique Thrace.”

The RaLATh conferences are a joint initiative of the National Archaeological Institute with Museum – Sofia; the Istanbul University; and the Ephorates of Antiquities of Rhodope, Hebros, and Xanthi. This year, the conference will take place again in Bulgaria–in Burgas–and is organized by the NAIM Sofia and the Burgas Municipality. The focus is on different aspects of conflicts and catastrophes in Thrace like armed conflicts, diplomatic rifts and discords, economic crises, natural disasters, epidemics etc. The deadline for paper or poster proposals is 29 February 2020.

Author: Ulrike Peter