29–30 November 2019

Tracing the Local(s). The Local World of Mediterranean Landscapes in Greek and Roman Coinage

The second international “Visual Languages of Ancient Coins” (VLAC) conference, organized by the NUMiD Project, will take place in Frankfurt.

The programme states that “In this year‘s VLACVLAC II conference, the presence and reception of local elements of different peoples and cultural groups from Italy to Asia Minor and from Gaul to Egypt, will be examined on the basis of local coinage.” If you are interested in the research results of CN-members, please come and join as at the conference. Andrea Gorys and Bernhard Weisser will present a talk on coins of Thebe and Adramyttion, as well as the historical memory in the Mysian landscape of modern Edremit. The paper of Ulrike Peter will focus on the coinages issued under Gordian III and Philip the Arab in Thrace and Moesia Inferior where local references can be identified.

Author: Ulrike Peter