28 October 2019

Interesting article: „Ding-Editionen. Vom archäologischen (Be-)Fund übers Corpus ins Netz“

The e-Forschungsberichte of the German Archaeological Institute have just been published. There you will find the above mentioned article which summaries the results of a workshop in October 2018. Two members of our team took part.

Abstract: "Corpora, thing-editions, are a central epistemic instrument of knowledge generation for archaeology. Due to digitisation attention has turned once more to various strategies and the politics of representation, and in the course of the debate on (post-)factualism and cultures of knowledge and data we are striving to render the production of knowledge more visible and comprehensible. Following B. Latour’s concept of circulating reference, editions are products of a praxeological connection between the world and representations. This is a report on the ongoing discussion of central questions and objectives for digital corpora and research data management following the FAIR (findable, accessible, inter-operable, re-usable) principle."

Author: Ulrike Peter