A New Volume of 'Pontica et Mediterranea'

A new book entitled ‘Advances in Ancient Black Sea Studies. Scholarly Traditions and Preservation of Cultural Heritage’ and edited by our Romanian colleagues has just been published. Fantastic, this is the eighth volume of the series ‘Pontica et Mediterranea’ printed by MEGA Press. The volume is an outcome of an international conference held in Constanţa in August 2018. It contains 24 interesting papers grouped into four sections.

Section 1 brings together six contributions addressing different aspects of Black Sea history, from colonization to problems of identity; Section 2 is devoted to different scholarly traditions in studying multicultural encounters and acculturation; Section 3 discusses new discoveries and prospective research directions; and Section 4 clusters articles focusing on various religious aspects. Papers from the conference’s session devoted to the preservation of cultural heritage will be published as a separate volume. Two articles published in the volume were contributed by members of the CN-team: the paper by Ulrike Peter discusses the perspectives of numismatic research in the digital age, drawing on the data and new functionalities of the CN web-portal (‘Von Mommsen zum Semantic Web: Perspektiven der vernetzten numismatischen Forschung – die Münzen der westlichen Schwarzmeerküste online’), whereas the paper by Vladimir F. Stolba explores the early Hellenistic coinage of Olbia Pontike (‘Images with Meaning: Early Hellenistic Coin Typology of Olbia Pontike’).

Author: Ulrike Peter