23-27 April, 2019

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The 47th Annual Conference "Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods in Archaeology" will take place in Kraków April 23-27, 2019.

Do not miss the intesting session ”Recent Developments in Digital Numismatics – Breaking down barriers” organized by our colleagues Ethan Gruber, Karsten Tolle, and David Wigg-Wolf. There will be papers like ”Eight Years of Past, Present, and Future”, ”Applying Linked Open Data to non-standardised typologies: the example of Celtic coinages” or ”Breaking down barriers between detectorists and professionals - the Danish recording scheme for metal detector finds DIME”. In another session Karsten Tolle and David Wigg-Wolf will speak about ”Uncertain information, the Dark Matter of archaeology – use cases from numismatics”. Data from CNT you might see in the paper by Sebastian Gampe and Karsten Tolle ”Combination of machine learning methods of image and natural language recognition on ancient coin data”.

Author: Ulrike Peter