12th and 13th of April 2019

AIGEIROS Lecture Series: "Modus Operandi. Traditional and Innovative in Archaeology”

Our colleague, Domenic Schäfer, is participating in this conference in Athens.

The AIGEIROS Lecture Series at the German Archaeological Institute at Athens has offered a forum for scholars of classical studies for more than a decade. The conference is organised by the German Academic Exchange Service. We are happy that our young colleague, Domenic Schäfer, will take part this year. He is presenting a paper titled “The Persian War of Severus Alexander in Perinthian Coinage.” The workshop is co-organised by our former colleague, Hristina Ivanova, who is writing her thesis on the coinage of Apollonia Pontike. She will read a paper titled “Mints, Excavation Coins, Hoards and other Misadventures of a Young Numismatist.” We also wish good luck to David Hack, who closely collaborates with our portal. He is presenting a study of his thesis on the Roman coinage of Cyzicus.

Author: Ulrike Peter