October 4, 2018

International Symposium of Propontis and the Surrounding Cultures

At the International Symposium of Propontis and the Surrounding Cultures in Çanakkale from October 15-19 Vladimir Stolba and Ulrike Peter will present a poster on our new project part on Troas, Moesia and Mysia. It is entitled 'Greek Coin Types of the Propontis and the Surrounding Regions'.

Propontis and its environs, regarding its geopolitical location, witnessed significant cultural changes and the founding of important colonies during the great colonisation period of 750-550 BC. Throughout its history having hosted so much significant cultural and political events; it is obvious that the archaeology of the rich Propontis and its environs have not been able to be improved and discussed in international scale, although many decades have passed since the commencing of excavations as Troia, Assos, Kyzikos and Ainos. The archaeological excavations have gained momentum and the published academic works regarding the region have considerably increased as a result of the sponsorships that begun with Parion, and later continued with Smintheion, Troia, Assos and Alexandria Troas by İÇDAŞ INC.; one of the most significant industrial establishment of the region and Turkey. The planned symposium, under the name of “International Symposium of Propontis and the Surrounding Cultures”, intends to evaluate the current situation of the region’s archaeology and to establish archaeological inter-regional connections with the participation of academics conducting research in a wide geographical area including cities of the Attic Delos League, Troas, Bithynia, Mysia, Northern Ionia, Balkan Peninsula, Black Sea basin together with the Greek Islands Furthermore, with such an international symposium; the momentum gained in archaeological excavations and publications will progress further, the promotion of Çanakkale and the archaeology of the region, and it is clear that the proceeding publication which is planned to be published in Turkish and English, will become one of the most significant reference sources for the region’s archaeology and culture. Content of the conference is thought to be as the topics stated below regarding the archaeology of Propontis and the surrounding area within the period range from the Pre-History to the end of the Byzantine Period. • Colonization • Early Settlements • Ceramic • Numismatic • Architecture • Plastic & Coroplastic Arts • Small Finds • Epigraphy • Burial Customs • Ancient Economy • Protection & Management of Cultural Heritage • Cults & Belief • Anthropology • Archaeometry

Author: Angela Berthold