January 1, 2018

New funding for the Online Greek Coinage project

The members of the Corpus Nummorum Thracorum (CNT)-team are very glad about the announcement that the project “ARCH: Ancient Coinage as Related Cultural Heritage” will be financed by the European Joint Programming Initiative on Cultural Heritage. We send our warmest congratulations to our colleagues in Spain, France and Great Britain and look very much forward to cooperating with them.

The new Linked Open Data project will build an overarching platform for Greek coinage. While the new ARCH-project is focused on the geographical area of Pre-Roman Spain and southern Gaul; we keep our special focus on Thrace. We are keen to see the CNT-project incorporated within an overarching Online Greek Coinage portal, which will facilitate also access to our project and data. Both projects conform to the metadata standards established by the project. For further information see: and also

Author: Angela Berthold