About the Project

As part of the project Corpus Nummorum Online - the Ancient Greek Coins of Moesia Inferior, Mysia, and the Troad, the web portal will publish Greek and Roman provincial coins of the historical regions of Moesia Inferior, Mysia, and Troas from 2018 until 2021. Based at the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities (BBAW), the project is a collaborative endeavour with the Münzkabinett Berlin, Staatliche Museen zu Berlin as its closest partner and funding provided by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (under the funding programme: "Promotion of Research and Development Projects for the Digitisation of Cultural Heritage Objects - eHeritage", Call 1197).
Of the approximately 23,500 coins that will be digitised, about 5,500 come from the Münzkabinett Berlin, and 18,000 are stored in the BBAW in the form of plaster casts representing material from various collections worldwide. Along with the primary data, such as technical parameters, provenance, and museum information, the material is arranged by geography, chronology, and typology and is described in both German and English using standardized iconographic vocabulary.
All relevant parameters receive unique identifiers from, and we play an active role in the creation of stable digital representations of numismatic concepts ( In cooperation with the project Greek Coinage Online ( that aims to develop an overall typology of Greek coinage with the generous patronage of the International Numismatic Council, our project seeks to guarantee the interoperability of data on the Semantic Web.
Our goal is to create type descriptions to which individual coins will be assigned as examples. This makes it possible for a type catalogue of the coinages in these regions to be produced for the first time. Despite the large scope of Berlin collections, this recueil will initially be incomplete. However, the gradual addition of other material will allow for it to be more comprehensive in the future.
Naturally, we are open for collaboration and would be happy to import from or provide a link to other collections of coins from these ancient regions. Using the "Participate" button, every registered user can upload coins and thus contribute to the project’s success. Each individual coin and coin type is permanently endowed with a unique Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) and adds to the growing knowledge of these regions’ rich numismatic heritage.
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