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Technical Details

Draped bust of Dionysus, left, wearing ivy wreath; behind, thyrsus.
ΒΥΖΑΝΤΙΩΝ Bunch of grapes on vine branch. Border of dots.

2.-3. c. AD, bronze, 3 unit, Parma

Head of (youthful) Dionysus, right, wearing ivy wreath and hair falling in long curls on neck and shoulder.
ΠΕΡΙΝ-ΘΙΩΝ Veiled Demeter standing facing, head left, wearing corn wreath and long garm...

end 1.-middle 2. c. AD, bronze, Perinthus: pseudo-autonomous group 2.2, Parma

ΑVΡΗΛΙΟϹ ΟV-ΗΡΟϹ ΚΑΙϹΑΡBare-headed bust of youthful Marcus Aurelius, right, wearing cuirass and paludamentum.
ΠΕΡΙΝ-ΘΙΩΝ Head of (youthful) hero Perinthos, right, wearing taenia.

139-161 AD, bronze, Double unit, Parma

ΦΑVCΤΕΙΝΑ - CΕΒΑCΤΗDiademed and draped bust of Faustina II, right.
ΑΔΡΙΑΝΟ-ΠΟΛΕΙΤΩΝ Turreted Tyche seated left on rock, left resting on rock, holdin...

147-176 AD, bronze, Double unit, Parma

Head of Dionysus, left, wearing ivy wreath.
ΜΑΡΩΝΙ-ΤΕΩΝ Ε-ΠΙ ΘΕΟΔ-ΟΤΟ Bunch of grapes on vine within square border; to r...

c. 365-330 BC, silver, tetradrachm, 16.58 g, Parma

ΑVΤ Κ Π ϹΕΠΤ-ΜΙΟϹ ΓΕΤΑLaureate bust of Geta, right, seen from behind, wearing cuirass and paludamentum.
ΑΔΡΙ-ΑΝ-ΟΠΟ//ΛΙΤΩΝ Dionysus seated facing, head right, on panther advancing right,...

209-211 AD, bronze, 4 unit, Parma

Head of Dionysus, right.
ΜΑΡΩΝΙΤΩΝ Asclepius standing facing, holding serpent-staff in right hand.

1. c. BC, bronze, 12.89 g, Parma

Λ ΑVΡ ΑΙΛ ΚΟΜ(Μ)ΟΔΟCBare-headed bust of youthful Commodus, right.
ΠΕΡΓΑΜΗΝΩΝ Asclepius standing facing, head left, holding serpent staff in right hand.

c. 147-161 AD, bronze, Parma