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Technical Details

ΦΑVϹΤΕΙΝΑ - ϹΕΒΑϹΤΗDraped bust of Faustina II, right.
ΑVΓΟVϹΤΗϹ - Τ-ΡΑΙΑΝΗϹ Veiled Demeter seated left on altar, wearing corn wreath, h...

161-176 AD, Bronze, 39, 8.82 g, Jambol

Bare head of Lucius Verus, right.
ΑVΓΟVϹΤΗϹ - ΤΡΑΙΑΝΗϹ Nude Dionysus standing facing, head left, wearing ivy wreath...

161-169 AD, Bronze, 37, 4.68 g, Jambol

ΑV Κ Λ [EΠΤΙ - [EVΗΡΟ[ ΠLaureate head of Septimius Severus, right. Border of dots.
ΑVΓΟVϹΤΗ-Ϲ ΤΡΑΙΑΝΗϹ Asclepius standing facing, head right, holding serpent-staff ...

193-211 AD, Bronze, 41, 14.51 g, Jambol

ΑV Κ Λ CΕ C-ΕVΗΡΟCLaureate head of Septimius Severus, right. Border of dots.
ΑVΓΟVCΤΗC Τ-ΡΑΙΑΝΗC Eagle standing left on thunderbolt, head right, wings closed, ho...

193-211 AD, Bronze, 37, 4.76 g, Jambol

Augusta Traiana

inherits from Type 2058
19.0 mm

ΑVΤ Κ Μ ΑVΡ ϹΕΗ - ΑΝΤΩΝΕΙΝΟϹ Laureate and cuirassed bust of bearded Caracalla, right.
ΑVΓΟVϹΤΗϹ - ΤΡΑΙΑΝΗϹ Asclepius standing facing, holding serpent-staff in right ha...

214-215 AD, Bronze, 37, 3.89 g, Jambol

Augusta Traiana

inherits from Type 2058
25.0 mm

ΓΑΛΛΙΗ-ΝΟϹ ΑVΓRadiate head of Gallienus, right.
ΑVΓΟVϹΤ-Η-Ϲ - ΤΡΑΙΑΝ Nike standing right, wearing long garment, holding wreath in o...

253-268 AD, Bronze, 40, 13.05 g, Jambol


inherits from Type 2058
31.0 mm

Head of (youthful) Dionysus, right, wearing ivy wreath and taenia.
ΔΙΟΝΥΣΟΥ ΣΩΤΗΡΟΣ ΜΑΡΩΝΙΤΩΝ Nude Dionysus standing left, holding bunch of...

c. 189/88-49/45 BC, Silver, 2, Jambol