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Technical Details
23.0 mm

ΙΟVΛ Μ-ΑΜΑΙΑDraped bust of Julia Mamaea, right. Border of dots.
ΑΒV-ΔΗΝΩ//•Ν• Tyche seated left on rock, wearing kalathos, holding rudder in right ha...

222-235 AD, Bronze, Athen

17.0 mm

Γ Ι ΟVΗ ΜΑΞΙΜΟC ΚBare-headed bust of Maximus, right, wearing cuirass and paludamentum. Border of dots.
ΑΒVΔΗ Two bull heads, back to back. Border of dots.

235-238 AD, Bronze, Athen

Female head, right.
Head of beardless Kabeiros, left, wearing pileus.

c. 350-300 BC, Silver, Hemiobol, 0.30 g, Athen