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Technical Details

ΒΥBull standing left on dolphin, left, raising right forehoof.
Incuse square of mill-sail pattern, roughened or dotted ground.

c. 411-387/386 BC, silver, drachm, 5.37 g, Frankfurt am Main

Μ • ΑΝΤ • ΓΟΡΔΙΑΝΟϹ • ΑVΓLaureate bust of Gordian III, right, wearing cuirass and paludamentum. Border of dots.

c. 235 AD, bronze, 6 unit, 15.59 g, Frankfurt am Main

• ΑVΤ • Κ • Μ • ΑVΡ . ϹЄΟVΗΡ • - ΑΝΤΩΝΙΝΟϹ ΑVΓLaureate bust of Caracalla, right, wearing cuirass, aegis and spear over left shoulder; on breastplate gorgoneion.
ΠΕΡΙΝ-ΘΙΩ-Ν ΝΕ-ΩΚΟΡΩΝ Turreted Tyche standing facing, head left, holding hexast...

197-217 AD, bronze, Medallion, 36.56 g, Frankfurt am Main

ΑVΤ Κ Μ ΑVΡ • ϹΕV • - ΑΝΤ-ΩΝΕΙΝΟϹ •Laureate bust of Elagabalus, right, wearing cuirass and paludamentum, holding spear in right hand and shield at left shoulder. Border of dots.
ΠΕΡΙΝΘΙΩΝ • ΔΙϹ • ΝΕΩΚΟΡΩΝ Nude bearded Heracles advancing left, head ri...

218-222 AD, bronze, Medallion, 36.36 g, Frankfurt am Main

Μ-Α-ΡΩForepart of prancing horse, left.
ΕΠΙ - ΠΟΣ-ΙΔΕ-ΙΟΥ Bunch of grapes on vine branch within dotted linear square; all wi...

c. 365-330 BC, silver, drachm, 2.56 g, Frankfurt am Main

Crested Corinthian helmet facing.
Μ-Ε-Τ-Α Radiate wheel with four spokes containing Ethnic.

450-350 BC, silver, Diobol, 1.18 g, Frankfurt am Main

29.0 mm

ΑVΤ Κ Μ ΑVΡ ϹΕVΗ - ΑΝΤΩΝΕΙΝΟϹ Laureate bust of bearded Caracalla, right, wearing cuirass and paludamentum.
ΟVΛΠΙΑϹ - ϹΕΡΔΙΚΗϹ Nude Hermes standing facing, head left, holding purse in right ...

197-217 AD, bronze, 4 unit, 17.91 g, Frankfurt am Main

ΑVΤ Κ Π ϹΕΠΤ-ΜΙΟϹ ΓΕΤΑϹLaureate bust of bearded Geta, right, wearing paludamentum on left shoulder.
ΑVΓΟVϹΤΗϹ - ΤΡΑ-ΙΑΝΗϹ Emperor (Geta) in military attire riding right on horseba...

209-211 AD, bronze, 5 unit, 15.84 g, Frankfurt am Main

Head of (youthful) Dionysus, right, wearing ivy wreath and taenia.
ΔΙΟΝΥΣΟΥ ΣΩΤΗΡΟΣ ΜΑΡΩΝΙΤΩΝ Nude Dionysus standing left, holding bunch of...

c. 189/188-49/45 BC, silver, tetradrachm, 15.66 g, Frankfurt am Main