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Technical Details
14.0 mm

Laureate head of Apollo, right.
ΙΦΙΑΔΗ[Σ] - ΑΒΥ Eagle standing right, wings closed. 

c. 350-325 BC, Silver, 17, 2.30 g, Hamburg

16.0 mm

Laureate head of Apollo, left.
ΑΒΥ Eagle standing left, wings closed.

c. 375-325 BC, Bronze, 3.31 g, Hamburg

15.5 mm

Bust of Artemis, seen from front, wearing mural-crown.
ΑΒΥ Eagle standing right, wings spread.

c. 250-200 BC, Bronze, 3.16 g, Hamburg

13.0 mm

Laureate head of Artemis, right. Border of dots.
ΑΒΥ Eagle standing right, wings closed. 

c. 196-65 BC, Bronze, 1.68 g, Hamburg

31.0 mm

Diademed and draped bust of Artemis, right; bow and quiver over left shoulder.
ΑΒΥ-ΔΗ-ΝΩΝ // ΦЄΡЄΝΙΚΟΥ Eagle standing right, wings spread; within laurel wreat...

c. 100-65 BC, Silver, 2, 16.63 g, Hamburg

26.0 mm

ΑV ΚΑΙ Λ ΑVΡ - ΚΟΜΟΔΟϹLaureate bust of Commodus, right, wearing paludamentum.
ΑΡΧ - ΖΩΙ-Λ // ΑΒVΔΗ Galley sailing right. Border of dots.

177-180 AD, Bronze, Hamburg

Head of Athena, right, wearing Corinthian helmet.
ΔΑΡ Horseman with spear, wearing chlamys und petasos, on horse galopping right.

c. 300-200 BC, Bronze, 8.22 g, Hamburg


inherits from Type 3957
15.4 mm

Head of Zeus right, wearing taenia.
ΔΑΡ Horseman, wearing chlamys and petasos, on horse galopping right.

c. 200-100 BC, Bronze, 3.57 g, Hamburg


inherits from Type 3957
23.0 mm

ΙΟV ΔΟΜ-ΝΑ CЄΒΑCDraped bust of Julia Domna, right. Border of dots.
ΔΑΡ-ΔΑ-ΝΙΩΝ Goddess standing facing, head to left, wearing stephane, veil and long garm...

193-217 AD, Bronze, 5.83 g, Hamburg