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Veiled head of Demeter, right, wearing corn wreath.

3. c. BC, Bronze, 47, Burgas

Laureate head of Apollo, left.
ΒΥΖΑΝΤΙ - ΕΠΙ ΜΑΤΡΙΚΩΝ Obelisk on an omphalos.

3. c. BC, Bronze, 57, Burgas

ΝΕΡΩΝ • ΚΛΑΥΔΙΟΣ • ΚΑΙΣΑΡ • ΣΕΒΑΣΤΟΣLaureate head of Nero, left. Border of dots.
ΠΕΡΙΝ/ΘΙΩΝ Ethnic in two lines within oak wreath, bound at bottom.

54-68 AD, Bronze, 41, Burgas

ΠΟΠΠΑΙΑ - ΣΕΒΑΣΤΗDraped bust of Poppaea, right, wearing low diadem and with "melon coiffure" with braid and and a long curl falling. Border of dots.
Π-Ε Headdress of Isis between two crossed ears of corn; all within laurel wreath bound at the ...

63-65 AD, Bronze, 39, Burgas

ΦΑVϹΤЄΙΝΑ - ϹЄΒΑϹΤΗDraped bust of Faustina II, right.
ΑVΓΟVϹΤΗϹ - Τ-ΡΑΙΑΝΗϹ Turreted city goddess enthroned left, wearing long garment,...

161-176 AD, Bronze, 39, 11.27 g, Burgas

ΦΑVCΤΕΙΝΑ - CΕΒΑCΤΗDraped bust of Faustina II, right.
ΑVΓΟVϹΤΗϹ - ΤΡΑΙΑΝΗϹ Artemis advancing right, wearing short fluttering chiton and...

161-176 AD, Bronze, 39, 9.23 g, Burgas

ΙΟVΛΙΑ ΔΟ-ΜΝΑ ϹЄΒDraped bust of Julia Domna, right. Border of dots.
ΑVΓΟVϹΤΗϹ - ΤΡΑΙΑΝΗϹ Homonoia standing facing, head left, wearing kalathos, holdi...

193-217 AD, Bronze, 39, 6.86 g, Burgas

ΑVΤΟ Κ ΑΙ ΜΛΑ - ΑV ΚΟΜΟΔΟϹLaureate bust of youthful Commodus, right, wearing cuirass and paludamentum.
ΑVΓΟVϹΤΗϹ - ΤΡΑΙΑΝΗϹ Artemis advancing right, wearing short fluttering chiton, fl...

177-192 n.Chr., Bronze, 39, 9.26 g, Burgas