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Technical Details

Horse prancing right; below, monogram.
ΜΑΡ-ΩΝΙ-ΤΩΝ Vine with four bunches of grapes, two on each side, within linear square; b...

c. 398/397-348/347 BC, bronze, Maroneia: denomination A, 4.56 g, Heidelberg

Head of (youthful) Dionysus, right, wearing taenia and ivy wreath with five leaves and two rosettes. Hair dress rolled in the back and with two curls falling on his back.
ΔΙΟΝΥΣΟΥ - ΣΩΤΗΡΟΣ // ΜΑΡΩΝΙΤΩΝ Nude Dionysus standing facing, head left...

80-end 1. c. BC, bronze, 12.89 g, Heidelberg

Head of an amazon, right.
ΜΕΣΑΜ-ΒΡΙΑΝΩΝ Athena (Alkis) advancing left, holding spear in raised right hand and ...

c. 175/170-115/100 BC, bronze, heavy denomination (bronze), 7.00 g, Heidelberg

22.4 mm

Youthful male head, right, wearing Phrygian helmet.
ΒΑ-ΣΙΛΕΩΣ - Λ-ΥΣΙΜΑΧΟΥ Trophy on shaft comprising of a Corinthian helmet, left,...

c. 306-281 BC, bronze, 8.24 g, Heidelberg