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Technical Details

Veiled head of Demeter, right, wearing corn wreath, earrings and necklace.
ΒΥ // ΕΠΙ ΑΘΑΝΑΙΩΝΟΣ Poseidon seated right on rock, naked to waist, holding aplus...

c. middle 3. c.-220/219 BC, silver, tetradrachm, 13.76 g, Lemgo

ΑVΤ • Κ • Μ • ΑΝΤ ΓΟ-ΡΔΙΑΝΟ[ ΑVΓLaureate bust of Gordian III, right, wearing cuirass, seen from front, slight drapery over left shoulder; gorgoneion on breastplate.

bronze, 36.32 g, Lemgo

ΑV Κ Λ ϹЄΠ - ϹЄVΗΡΟϹ ΠLaureate head of Septimius Severus, right.
Π-ΕΡΙΝ-ΘΙΩΝ Nude Hermes seated left on rock, holding caduceus in right hand, left resti...

193-211 AD, bronze, 3 unit, 7.79 g, Lemgo

Π [ΕΠ ΓΕ-ΤΑ[ ΚΑΙBare-headed bust of youthful Geta, right, wearing cuirass and paludamentum. Border of dots.
ΠЄΡΙΝΘΙΩΝ - ΝΕΩΚΟΡΩΝ / i.f. ΠVΘΙΑ Prize crown with five apples.

197-209 AD, bronze, unit, 3.51 g, Lemgo

ΑVΤΚΡΑ Π - ϹЄΠ ΓЄΤΑϹ ϹЄΒ Laureate bust of bearded Geta, right, wearing cuirass and paludamentum.
ΠЄΡΙΝΘΙΩΝ - Ν-ЄΩΚΟΡΩΝ Zeus enthroned left, holding patera in outstretched right...

bronze, 7.95 g, Lemgo

ΑΥΤΟΚ • ΚΑΙΣΑΡ • ΔΟΜΙΤ-ΙΑΝΟΣ • ΣΕΒ • ΓΕΡLaureate head of Domitian, right.
ΠΕΡΙΝ-ΘΙΩΝ Homonoia standing facing, head left, wearing kalathos and long garment, hold...

81-96 AD, bronze, 5 unit, 21.28 g, Lemgo

22.6 mm

Griffin seated left, right forepaw raised, with plain curved wings, tail curling and open beak with tongue protruding.
ΕΠΙ ΜΟΛ-ΠΑΓΟΡΕΩ Girl dancing left, turning, wearing a short drifting chiton and a p...

c. 395-360 BC, silver, stater, 11.62 g, Lemgo

Forepart of griffin, left, both forepaws raised, with palmette-like curved upwards wings and open beak.
Scallop shell in incuse square.

c. 450-425 BC, silver, Hemiobol, 0.25 g, Lemgo

12.2 mm

Griffin seated left, right forepaw raised, with feathered wings, tail curling and closed beak; below right forepaw, bay leaf.
ΑΒΔ Bull's head and neck, left, within incuse square.

c. 395-360 BC, silver, triobol, 1.72 g, Lemgo