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ΒΥΖΑΣHead of bearded Byzas, right, wearing crested helmet with open visor. Border of dots.
Є • Θ - ΦΑV-ϹΤΙΝΗϹ // ΒΥΖΑΝΤΙ/ΩΝ Prow with naval ram, left; on top, emperor...

c. 176 AD, Bronze, 4 unit, Turin

ΑΝΤΩΝΕΙΝΟϹ - ΑΥΓΟΥϹΤΟϹLaureate bust of bearded Caracalla, right, wearing cuirass, holding spear over left shoulder with left hand.
ΑΝΤΩΝΕΙΝΙΑ - ΒVΖΑΝΤΙΩΝ // [ΕΒΑ[ΤΑ Agonistic table, left, surmounted b...

c. 209-212 AD, Bronze, 8 unit, Turin

ΕΠΙ - ΝΕ - ΤΟ Ζ ΒΥΖΑΝ-ΤΙΩΝ Dolphin swimming right, swallowing a crab; between t...

c. 217-218 AD, Bronze, 5 unit, Turin

ΑVΤ Κ Μ ΑVΡ ۬ ΑΝΤ-ΩΝΙΝΟϹ ΑVΓLaureate bust of Elagabalus, right, wearing cuirass and paludamentum. Border of dots.
ΕΠΙ ΑΙ ΠΟΝΤΙ-ΚΟ-V ΒVΖΑΝΤΙΩΝ Two torches, inbetween, lighted altar.

c. 219-220 AD, Bronze, 6 unit, Turin

Laureate bust of Severus Alexander, right, wearing cuirass and paludamentum. Border of dots.
ΒVΖ[...] Nude bearded Heracles standing right, right arm behind back, left arm holding lion sk...

c. 222-235 AD, Bronze, 3 unit, Turin

Γ ΟVΑ ΟVΗ ΜΑΖΙΜΟϹ ΚCuirassed bust of Maximus, right, left hand visible.

c. 235 AD, Bronze, 7 unit, Turin

Laureate head of Apollo, right.
ΒΥΖΑΝΤ - ΚΑΛΧΑΔ Tripod with fixture.

3. c. BC, Bronze, ByzKalch: Apollo/tripod-series, 5.13 g, Turin

ΠΕΡΙΝ-ΘΙΩΝPot with two ears of corn and a poppy between.
Two crossed cornucopiae.

end 1.-middle 2. c. AD, Bronze, Perinthus: pseudo-autonomous group 2.7, Turin

ΝΕΡΩΝ ΚΑΙϹΑΡ ϹΕΒΑϹΤΟϹLaureate head of Nero, right. Border of dots.
ΠЄΡΙΝ-ΘΙΩΝ Hera (Samios) standing right on prow, right, high kalathos, veil and long ga...

54-59 AD, Bronze, 3 unit, Turin