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Technical Details

Diademed head of Rhoemetalces I., right; to right, monogram. Border of dots.
Bare head of Augustus, right; in front of him monogram to right. Border of dots.

c. 6/9-12 AD, silver, drachm, 3.68 g, Odessa

ΒVΖΑΝΤΙΩΝ ЄΠΙ [...]ΚΟV • ΤΟ • Β Dolphin swimming right between two tunnies.

c. 175 AD, bronze, Odessa

Draped bust of Hermes, right, wearing winged taenia.

2. c. AD, bronze, Byzantium: lower than one unit, Odessa

ΗΡ ΑΚΛΗ - ΚΤΙϹΤΗHead of bearded Heracles, right.
ΠΕΡΙΝ-ΘΙΩΝ Draped bust of Dionysus, left, wearing ivy wreath.

c. 180-196 AD, bronze, Perinthus: pseudo-autonomous group 4, Odessa

Forepart of prancing horse, left.
Μ-Α Bunch of grapes on vine branch within dotted linear square; all within incuse square.

c. 377-365 BC, silver, drachm, 2.82 g, Odessa

ΑVΤ ΚΑΙϹΑΡ - ΑΝΤΩΝΙΝΟϹLaureate head of Antoninus Pius, right.
ΑΝΧΙΑ-ΛΕΩΝ Artemis standing facing, head left, wearing long garment, holding arrow in o...

138-161 AD, bronze, 3 unit, Odessa

Μ ΑVΡΗΛΙΟϹ ΟV-ΗΡ ΚΑΙϹΑΡBare-headed bust of youthful, lightly bearded Marcus Aurelius, right, wearing paludamentum.
ΑΝΧΙΑ-ΛΕΩΝ Nude Hermes standing facing, head right, holding uncertain object in raised ...

138-161 AD, bronze, 3 unit, Odessa

ΑVΤ ΜΑΞΙΜΕΙΝ-Ο[ ΕV[ΕΒ ΑVΓLaureate bust of Maximinus Thrax, right.
ΑΓΧΙΑ-ΛΕWΝ Nude Dionysus standing facing, head left, holding cantharus in right hand ove...

235-238 AD, bronze, 4 unit, Odessa