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Technical Details


inherits from Type 8283
29.0 mm

ΑV • Κ Μ Α • CЄ • ΑΛЄΞΑΝΔΡΟCLaureate bust of bearded Severus Alexander, right, wearing cuirass and paludamentum. Border of dots.
Ϲ-ΗϹ-ΤΙΩΝ Hero and Leander: to left, nude Leander swimming right; above, Eros, holding to...

c. 222-235, bronze, 13.49 g, Würzburg

13.0 mm

Silenus kneeling left, holding cantharus in his right hand and resting his left on his hip.
ΘΑΣ-ΙΩΝ Volute crater within incuse square.

c. 404-340 BC, silver, 50, 0.90 g, Würzburg

Η-Ρ-ΑTurreted and draped bust of Tyche, left, wearing a veil; spear before. Border of dots.
ΠΕΡΙΝ/ΘΙΩΝ At left, herm standing right; in the middle, amphora with transverse palm b...

middle 1. c. AD, bronze, 3.44 g, Würzburg

24.0 mm

ΑΒΔΗGriffin leaping left, forepart and forpaws raised, with feathered wings, tail curling and open beak with tongue protruding.
ΕΠΙ Μ-ΥΡΣΟ Nude youth standing left, holding discus in right hand, raising left hand; al...

391 BC, silver, 5, 12.94 g, Würzburg


inherits from Type 5712
24.0 mm

ΑΒΔΗΡΙΤΕΩΝGriffin seated left, right forepaw raised, with plain curved wings, tail curling and open beak with tongue protruding.
ΕΠΙ ΜΟΛ-ΠΑΓΟΡΕΩ Girl dancing left, turning, wearing a short drifting chiton and a p...

c. 395-360 BC, silver, 5, 12.93 g, Würzburg

23.0 mm

ΑΒΔΗ/ΡΙΤΕΩΝGriffin lying left, right forepaw raised, with feathered wings, tail under hindlegs and closed beak. Ground line.
ΕΠΙ - ΠΥΘΟΔΩΡΟ Laureate head of Apollo, right.

365-345 BC, silver, 187, 10.29 g, Würzburg


inherits from Type 5831
23.0 mm

ΑΒΔΗGriffin seated left, with feathered wings, second wing to be seen in background, with tail curling and closed beak; to left, fly. Border of dots.
ΔΟΜ Nude Heracles seated left on rock, head and torso facing, rock covered with a lion skin, ...

c. 395-360 BC, silver, 5, 12.79 g, Würzburg

Head of goddess, left, wearing earring, necklace and stephane with laurel wreath.
ΑΙΓΟΣ-ΠΟ Goat standing left. Ground line.

400-300 BC, bronze, 155, 6.72 g, Würzburg

25.0 mm

Head of Hermes facing, slightly left, wearing petasus with dotted brim; hair standing out on either side in richly curling locks.
ΑΙΝΙΟΝ Goat standing right, in incuse square.

382/81-380/79 BC, silver, 2, 15.18 g, Würzburg