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Technical Details
ϹЄΒΡΟV Τ- ΚΡΙϹΠЄΙΝΑ Draped bust of Crispina, right.
ΒVΖΑΝΤΙΩΝ ۬ ЄΠ ۬ ΑΙ ۬ ΠΟΝΤΙΚΟ-Υ • ΗΡ Dolphin swimming right; between two tunnies.

c. 178 AD, Bronze, 5 unit, Amsterdam

Head of Poseidon, right, wearing taenia.
ΕΠΙ - ΔΙΟΣΚΟΥΡΙ / i.f.r. ΠV Upright trident, right and left dolphins swimming upwards.

3. c. BC, Bronze, Byzantium: Poseidon/trident-series, 5.08 g, Amsterdam

ΑVΤ ΑΙ ΑΔΡΙΑ - ΑΝΤΩΝΙΝΟϹ Bare head of Antoninus Pius, right.
ΑΝΧΙΑ-ΛΕΩΝ Homonoia standing facing, head left, wearing kalathos, holding patera in outstretched right hand and cornucopia in left arm.

138-161 AD, Bronze, 3 unit, Amsterdam