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Technical Details
ΙЄΡΑ ϹΥΝ-ΚΛΗΤΟϹ Draped male bust of the personification of the Roman Senate, right.
ϹΗϹ-ΤΙωΝ Kithara. Border of dots.

c. 54-79­ AD, Bronze, 5.69 g, Newaygo

ΙΟVΛΙΑ ΔΟΜΝΑ ϹЄΒΑϹΤ Draped bust of Julia Domna, right. Border of dots.
ϹΗ-ϹΤΙ-ωΝ Genius standing facing, head left, wearing long garment, holding patera in outstretched right hand and cornucopia in left arm.

c. 193-217 AD, Bronze, 6.20 g, Newaygo

ΑVΤ ΚΑΙ Λ ΑΥΡΗ - ΚΟΜΟΔΟϹ Laureate bust of Commodus, right, wearing cuirass and paludamentum.
[...] ϹЄΡΟVΙΛΙΑ-ΝΟΥ • ΑΔΡΙΑΝΟΠΟΛΕΙ[...] Zeus standing facing, head left, naked to waist, holding patera in outstretched right hand, left resting on sceptre; at his feet, eagle, standing left, head right, with half spread wings.

c. 186-190 AD, Bronze, 8.91 g, Newaygo