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Technical Details
ΑVΤ • Κ • Μ • ΑVΡ . ϹЄΟVΗΡ • - ΑΝΤΩΝΙΝΟϹ ΑVΓ Laureate head of bearded Caracalla, right. Border of dots.
ΠЄΡΙΝ-ΘΙΩΝ - ΝЄΩΚΟ//ΡΩΝ Emperor (Caracalla) in military attire standing facing, head left, wearing cuirass and boots, holding spear in right hand and parazonium in left hand; behind him, Nike standing left, crowning emperor with laurel wreath in left hand, holding palm branch in left arm. Ground line. Border of dots.

198-217 AD, Bronze, 6 unit, Linz

ΠΕΡΙΝΘΙΩΝ ΔΙ[ ΝΕΩ-ΚΟΡΩΝ Turreted Tyche enthroned left, holding an octastyle temple in each hand. Ground line. Border of dots.

218-222 AD, Bronze, Medallion, Linz