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Technical Details
Draped bust of Zeus, right.
ΠΕΡΙΝ-ΘΙΩΝ Apollo standing facing, head left, wearing long garment, holding laurel-branch in outstretched right hand and lyre with left hand on a short column to his left.

138-192 AD, Bronze, Perinthus: pseudo-autonomous group 3.3, Göttingen

• ΑVΤ • Κ • Μ • ΑVΡ . ϹЄΟVΗΡ • - ΑΝΤΩΝΙΝΟϹ ΑVΓ Laureate bust of Caracalla, right, wearing cuirass, aegis and spear over left shoulder; on breastplate gorgoneion.
ΠΕΡΙΝ-ΘΙΩ-Ν ΝΕ-ΩΚΟΡΩΝ Turreted Tyche standing facing, head left, holding hexastyle temple in each outstretched hand; at her feet, lighted altar. Ground line. Border of dots.

198-217 AD, Bronze, Medallion, Göttingen