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Technical Details
ΒΥΖΑΣ Head of bearded Byzas, right, wearing crested helmet with open visor. Border of dots.
Є • Θ • - ΦΑV // ΒΥΖΑΝΤΙ/ΩΝ Prow with naval ram, left; on top, emperor (Marcus Aurelius) standing right on base with shield on it, holding spear in right hand, extending left hand; to right, in front of the emperor, trophy.

c. 176 AD, Bronze, 4 unit, Cambridge

Γ ΠΟV Ε ΛΙΚ ΟVΑΛΕΡΙΑΝΟ[ ΑVΓ Radiate bust of Valerian, right, wearing cuirass and paludamentum.
ΝΙΚΑΙΕΩΝ ΒVΖΑΝΤΙΩΝ / i.f.u. Ο/ΜΟ//ΝΟΙΑ At left Artemis standing right, wearing kalathos, short chiton and boots, clasping right hands with city goddess, at right, standing facing, head left.

c. 253-259 AD, Bronze, 4 unit, Cambridge

Head of Hermes facing, slightly left, wearing petasus.
ΑΙΝΙΟΝ Goat standing right.

c. 359/358-357/356 BC, Silver, tetradrachm , 15.24 g, Cambridge