Coin of the Month

February 2023: A New Coin Type of Assos

The Coin of this Month is presented by Vladimir Stolba

Recent years have brought to light a number of new types and varieties, which fill numerous lacunas in the coinages of the Troad. Among them also some from Assos.

This is not the first time that the coins of Assos feature as our Coin of the Month. Despite the wealth of material, with nearly 500 specimens only in our database, this coinage remains insufficiently studied. The drachm of the Chian weight selected as our COM for February has been known for over a century. Coming from the Luynes Collection, this specimen was described by Babelon and Svoronos, who attributed it to Thasos or some Macedonian mint (Lete or Siros). In his catalogue of Carian coins, Head describes a similar coin from the British Museum. Under Caria, it also emerges in the Historia Nummorum Online (Type 2168). Yet only now, thanks to a hoard (or hoards) which circulated in commerce over the last year and where this type comes together with the well-known drachms of Assos, its attribution to this Troadian mint can be ascertained. In addition to the similar revers type, this attribution is also confirmed by a shared die.

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