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August 2016: CNT_5397

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Our Coin of the Month comes from a private collection in Falkensee, Germany. The very small coin, a tritetartemorion with only 0,81g, is showing on its obverse a gorgoneion. This is a comparatively seldom motif in the coinage of Maroneia and appears in the period 430 to 400 BC on the tritetartemoria, while their reverse is showing the very common motif of the grapevine. The gorgoneion maybe is connected as Selene Psoma suggests in the most recent publication on the coinage of Maroneia with a local cult of Athena in Maroneia. The type also appears on the coinage of Neapolis and it was well known in the Archaic and Classical city of Maroneia as is attested by coin finds in the area of the city. By using the ‘Link to source’ button you will be redirected to the database the coin originates from and are then able to browse this collection.

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