Coin of the Month

May 2016: CNT_762

This year we want to show in our Coin of the Month section Thracian coins of the contributors to CNT. A lot of museums, institutions and collectors have already added their Thracian coins to CNT. Thanks to them the number of our data set entries is constantly growing. In our Collections section you may see through one click all coins of a collection you are interested in.

Also the Staatliche Münzsammlung in Munich is contributing their Thracian coins to CNT. Our coin of the Month from Munich comes from Byzantion and is dated 209-212 AD. On the obverse Caracalla is depicted with a radiate crown, he and Geta are standing on the reverse facing each other on both sides of a prize crown. They are wearing togas and holding a scroll each, while clasping hands. Via clicking the ‘combination’ button you will get an overview of all coins already in CNT with the same obverse and reverse. At the moment we are online with six coins and casts of this combination (, among them pieces from Berlin, London, Sankt Petersburg and Paris. Maybe in your collection is another one?
Further you will find out via the functions of CNT that the obverse also could be connected to a lot of different reverses e.g. showing the emperor in military dress galloping on a horse or standing in a quadriga.

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