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April 2016: CNT_5239

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The Numismatic Collection of the University of Tübingen has contributed all its Thracian coins to CNT. This month we present one of their quite nice bronze coins of Maroneia. The traditional motif of the obverse of this city is the horse, which may be connected to the breeding of horses in the area of the city as well as to a cult of Poseidon in Maroneia. The reverse refers to another product of the city - the cultivation of wine. Already in the Odyssey the famous wine of Maroneia is mentioned. In the Odyssey Odysseus is plundering the city Ismaros, maybe identical with Maroneia. Maron, a priest of Apollo, presents Odysseus with a gift of wine. The wine of Maroneia was said to possess the odor of nectar. Dionysus had a sanctuary in the city of which the foundations can still be seen today. In CNT more than 700 coins of Maroneia from manifold collections are already online, so you can get a good overview on the city’s coinage by browsing around.

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