Coin of the Month

October 2016: CNT_3989

This year we want to show in our Coin of the Month section Thracian coins of the contributors to CNT. A lot of museums, institutions and collectors have already added their Thracian coins to CNT. Thanks to them the number of our data set entries is constantly growing. In our Collections section you may see through one click all coins of a collection you are interested in.

Our beautiful Coin of the Month, a medallion of Severus Alexander, is today in the Coin Collection of the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna. It was minted in Perinth and shows on the obverse Severus Alexander’s half bust wearing a laurel wreath and his cuirass, on which in front the gorgoneion can be seen, and the aegis on his left shoulder. On the reverse is a remarkable depiction of Tyche, she holds in her right hand a temple and in her left arm a cornucopia on which a temple stands. At her feet to the right and left there is a prize crown. But this is not the only reverse motif the portrait of Severus Alexander is combined with in the beautiful series of medallions. As you will discover by clicking on the coin’s obverse number as reverse motif also the emperor himself appears either sacrificing at a burning tripod or riding on a horse towards a captive with Phrygian cap. The British Museum is holding a very nice specimen combing this obverse with a reverse showing Zeus sitting in the center, above him Helios and Selene are driving in chariots, beneath him Gaia and Thalassa are depicted. Around this picture the signs of the zodiac are shown.

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