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November 2015: IKMK 18246288 / CNT Anchialos CNT_5818

No Teaser

Anchialos, a foundation of Apollonia and known for its salt lagoons, minted coins only from the reign of Antoninus Pius to Gordianus III., whereby the coinage wasn’t consistently. In the time of Septimius Severus, Maximinius Thrax and Gordianus III the coinage of Anchialos got a heyday. The themes of the reverses show besides the usual range of gods a remarkable number of depictions of the city gate of Anchialos, like our picture illustrates. Furthermore there are reverses with representations of fishes and ships, which allude for sure to the location of the city near by the sea. Also the statue of Poseidon holding a trident and a hippocampus on our coin refers to the sea and its importance for Anchialos. In the alley of the gate you see the letter E as a sign of the value of the bronze standing for 5 assaria. Besides the cities name there is in the legend the honorary name Ulpia, which the city is allowed to use since the times of Trajan.

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